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About "95 POEMS":

“95 Poems” is the physicalization of the works of ee cummings through dance, spoken word, projection mapping, and sculpture.

Thematically, the work focuses on cummings’s ideals of time, religion, nature and humanity's place in the world. The group explores whether this relationship has changed in our modern era. Where we are choked by plastic and more automated than ever. Originally written in the 1950’s by a straight white man, the poems are further modernized by a diverse, queer cast. Technology has connected people around the world yet ideologies have labeled us into factions. Are these factions just social conjuring or a necessary point of identification?

Structurally, the work is divided into the four seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall). Does repetition truly exist in a changing climate? Each starkly different than the other and tonally representative of their portrayal in ee cummings's works, the seasons help carry the cast through a year in the world of “95 POEMS”. Music ranges from dubstep to classical music.

Performances take place each evening at 7pm at The Hall Brooklyn (47 Hall Street, Brooklyn, NY. Entrance on Flushing Avenue.) Note that the Saturday show will conclude with a talkback moderated by Ching Ching Wong.

About tedted Performance Group:

tedted Performance Group is a group of artists directed by Teddy Tedholm. The group is composed of artists of different backgrounds who believe in creating work that defies definition. Since its inception in 2015, tedted Performance Group has rapidly carved out a unique space in the heavily saturated landscape of performance in New York City. With an emphasis on experimentation, the group has presented groundbreaking work in unusual spaces; from riverbanks to living rooms and warehouses to the occasional stage. The Boston Globe called their performance at the Huntington Theater “eye popping”. The aim of all their work is to stir conversations among audiences in order to help bring people together into a truly global community.

About Teddy Tedholm:

Described as “anything but conventional” by Dance Magazine, Teddy Tedholm creates work that pushes boundaries. Teddy’s wide-ranging background helps inform his unique movement style. He has worked with Sidra Bell, Douglas Becker, Kate Sicchio, Netta Yerushalmy, Curt Haworth, and many others. He recently finished a months-long choreographic mentorship with Doug Varone.

A graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Teddy has presented work throughout North America including as a finalist in the Capezio ACE Awards and the McCallum Theater Choreography Festival. He believes that the creation of art can be a valuable research method, a concept that propels his work forever forward and also makes him a highly sought after instructor. Though having taught workshops and set work all over the world, most recently at his alma mater University of the Arts, he enjoys returning to New York where he directs tedted Performance Group. This group of multi-faceted artists has performed throughout New York City transforming spaces from living rooms to riversides into fully developed performances to great acclaim.


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