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Everything is Leaving

Conceptually, “Everything is Leaving” began with a simple hypothesis: “What if we looked at life as a series of non-stop exits?” This examination of never-ending endings lead me to settle upon an attempt to physicalize “Block Universe Theory”. Block Universe Theory posits that all parts of time are always occurring. Meaning our loved ones are always taking their Iirst breath and their last; We are always experiencing our worst day and our best; We are always arriving and we are always leaving. To me, this theory held a poetic profundity. It’s a singular idea that encompasses every emotion because it is the reality of every emotional event occurring at once. Even more interesting to me was the thought that if every part of time is occurring at once, then there is a limit to time. It is a Iixed size. We are experiencing the same amount of time that there will always be, and in that we are a community. We are not aged but just existing later. Time has gone nowhere, it’s we who have moved.

So all of this is to say, “Everything is Leaving” is a dance of the inIinitely Iinite.

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