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In Progress:

“95 Poems” is the physicalization of the works of ee cummings through dance, spoken word, projection mapping, and sculpture.


Thematically, the work focuses on his ideals of time, religion, nature and humanity's place in the world. I’m interested in exploring whether this relationship has changed in modern times choked by plastic that is more automated than ever. Originally written in the 1950’s by a straight white man, we further modernize the poems by performing them as a diverse, queer cast. Technology has connected us with people around the world yet ideologies have labeled us into factions. My hope is that this work begins the conversation that brings us together into one imperfect, beautiful global society.


Structurally, the work is created by sorting 95 of cummings's poems into themes and then compiling like themes into smaller, connected works that exist in their own world. This world is helped defined through set design of natural objects (trees, ponds, animals) made of recyclable materials (cans, bags, straws) and can lights in the middle of the space. cummings's fascination with nature and the affect shifting seasons have on our place in the world is further emphasized as the piece cycles through the four seasons, each starkly different and tonally representative of their portrayal in ee cummings's works. Music ranges from dubstep to classical music. Projection mapping is used to blur the line between technology and humanity and provoke audiences to wonder where any of us truly end.

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